Fabiola Gomez

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Fabiola Gomez

Fabiola Gomez Miliani is a psychologist graduated from the Central University of Venezuela with a Masters in Special Education from the University of South Florida.  Passionate about the importance of education in the early years  she has served as a preschool teacher for children with neurodiversity and  as an Early interventionist for children under 3 years of age  since  2000.   Because of her commitment to the community of her native Venezuela, she joins Casa de Venezuela Orlando where she has served as a link between many Hispanic and Anglo-American organizations, coming to realize projects for the benefit and citizen participation, assistance to the most needy and highlighting of the values and contribution of immigrants to society. Volunteer for Amnesty International and former Board member of Warm Welcoming Arms. Three times recipient of   the Teacher of the year award , the Lawton Chiles Early Intervention Angel Award, and  a special recognition from the City of Orlando.

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